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Daniel Ruben, MD, MPH, MBA

Daniel Ruben, MD, MPH, MBA

I am a physician who had a thriving and successful medical practice for over 20 years before retiring in 2008. As the financial rewards of a prosperous group practice were gradually realized I was consistently approached by a rich variety of financial advisor types, offering to take care of my money so that I may feel free to devote my full energies to my work. While charmed by their salesmanship, I decided not to entrust my financial future with them.

However, armed with university degrees in science and medicine, I was less than ideally equipped to manage my growing wealth with the same superior standards and experience with which I was accustomed to caring for my patients. Without taking any shortcuts or compromises I returned to university where I formally studied and earned a graduate degree in business and finance in 1997, and prosperously engaged in the investment world since.

While informally helping to guide friends and colleagues through financial and investment decisions for many years, I took the exams and obtained the proper financial registrations to formally provide competitive advice and service.  The type of advice and service that I would have enjoyed discovering when I needed it.

I mostly grew up and currently live in Southern California with my wife and two daughters.  I enjoy riding my new mountain bike, flying airplanes, and traveling the world with my family.


You can learn more about me by checking out these articles in a professional financial publication where I was interviewed and expressed my views.

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University Education:

  • Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), University of California, Irvine
  • Master’s in Public Health (MPH), UCLA
  • BA, Microbiology, UCLA
  • Microbiology, University of Kent (Canterbury, England)
  • MD, Doctor of Medicine - University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School


Current Licenses & Registrations

  • Investment Advisor Representative – Series 65
  • Securities Principal – Series 7 & 24
  • Insurance License CA 0G72606
  • Real Estate License CA 02039306
  • Physician& Surgeon CA License
  • Pilot License - Commercial, instrument, multi-engine