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Tax efficient investment planning & management

Taxes are often the largest fees you will pay, by far.  Working proactively to reduce those fees offers the greatest value

Impact investing

Make your voice heard by avoiding companies that are not consistent with your values

Access to Private & Public Companies

- Private and Public Real Estate Investments
- Tax-Advantaged Private Placement Opportunities

Retirement Income Planning

-Tax efficient distribution and allocation of assets
- Annuities & Insurance
- Maximizing Social Security & Medicare
- Estate Planning
- Extended healthcare planning

Our Fees

  Our goal is to encourage you to engage, and not worry about surprise or extra fees:

- No extra charges for financial planning, retirement planning, proactive tax & estate planning

- No extra charges to review your tax returns and work with your CPA and legal advisors

- No extra charges for setting up retirement plans for Businesses and the self-employed

- No extra charges for appointments or phone calls

- Your family members will also have access to advice as part of your engagement

Risk management & Insurance are holistically integrated

- No need to shop for separate insurance agents for Life, Disability or Long-Term Care insurance or annuities

- No worries about being sold proprietary insurance or financial products

- Protection from being sold expensive & complex products that don’t serve your best interest

Asset-Based Fees

We serve as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of your household. You are the CEO

Client Goals: To obtain comprehensive, holistic financial guidance & investment management services

Engagement includes:

Growth and creation of wealth

Preservation of wealth

Distribution of wealth

Maintenance of wealth and wishes after death

Fees:  About 1% annually (Range 0.7% - 1.25%) of Assets under management at our firm.

Minimum Investable Assets: $1,000,000 (negotiable)

There may be other types of costs associated with investing other than what we charge, including custodial, internal fund expenses, and other costs.

One-time Project

Consult on specific project, excluding investment management.

For those who do not require ongoing investment management service and need guidance on a specific project, we can often accommodate.

Client Goals: To prepare for and navigate efficiently through a major milestone in their lives.

Engagement includes:

Preparing for or navigating a major life event

Preparing to sell a business

Preparing for Retirement

Preparing to sell highly appreciated property

The firm provides guidance, often in coordination with your other advisors, to help grow your wealth and well-being as you plan for and navigate through major milestones.

Minimum Fee:

Fees beyond the minimum are negotiated ahead of time and depend on the complexity and scope of the project.


Sometimes, in order to diversify beyond classical stocks, bonds & funds, and to purchase insurance where needed, we may recommend a product that  pays us a commission.

If so, it will be excluded from any asset-based fees, and you will always know about it ahead of time. 

Examples include:

Life & Long-term care Insurance

Private Placements

Securitized Real Estate

Direct Participation Programs

Why & when do people decide to hire us?

- When they lack the patience, emotional energy, or time to focus on optimizing their investments and financial life with confidence.

- When they realize that they would be better off by incorporating the complexities of investments, insurance, taxes, retirement plans, etc. into a comprehensive life strategy

- When they decided that their time is better spent elsewhere

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good [people] to do what [needs doing], and the self-restraint to let them do it.”
– Theodore Roosevelt