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In these uncertain times, most people have trouble knowing what to focus on next to protect or grow their wealth.

I am a wealth advisor with a clear process that guides you to your goals. When people hire me, they feel relief from anxiety and confusion as they confidently embrace a road map that belongs to them.

Whether a few years from retirement, or already there, I know that you want to be prepared and self-assured.

I am also a physician who practiced medicine for many years, nurturing people's most precious asset, their health, and guiding them through their most terrible fears.

I understand how to help people navigate through the most challenging situations, even when they are understandably skeptical and overwhelmed. There is so much noise and misinformation out there, that even the smartest and most confident among us feel confused and vulnerable at times.

I believe that financial planning is not brain surgery. It should be a clear and simple process which you can understand and embrace with confidence.

It starts with a small step: Schedule a 30 minute call (no cost, no obligation). In the meantime, you can get jump ahead and start to create your personal road map (confidential and secure).

You can stop living with the endless noise, and feeling anxious and vulnerable. And instead listen to the music, live the moments, and make memories.

To your health,

Daniel Ruben, MD, MPH, MBA