What people are saying about our workshops



" I don't like LIfe Strategies.  I LOVE them!  If you haven't sat in one of Daniel's workshops, you NEED to!  I challenge you to find someone more knowledgable.  GO TO his workshops!  One is all you need and you'll understand.  I was 44, went to his Medicare workshop, he had just started doing them so I went to support him not sure who would attend.  Learned tons and made nice strategic moves towards retirement.  Did I mention he holds 2 masters degrees and a Doctorate!  His workshops are filling up regularly.  Let's just hope he continues not to charge a fee for them!"   

"Thanks Dr. Ruben".


"I've been on Medicare for years and was not aware of most of the information covered in the workshop!"

" Very good presentation, clear and easy to undertand.  Thank You!"

"I have a clearer understanding of suplemental coverage."

"I now know how important it is to apply for Medicare

on time"

"Great Job, Thank You!"










"I did not know how important a good tax strategy, and planning ahead was."

"Excellent info! Great teacher, Thank You!" 

"Everything is interesting and important!" 




"Wonderful workshop, loved the presentation and slides."

"Social Security is very complicated, I now have a clearer understanding, Thank You!"

"I have learnt a lot about Social Security and and can now make educated choices."

"I now understand the importance of when and how to take Spousal Benefits."

"It is important to keep track of what you've got and have a plan of action for retirement."

"I have a better understanding when the best time is to take Social Security."

"Strategic approach to benefits and lifestyle."

















"Control your emotions and stay on course."


"Slow and Steady wins the game."


"Emotions vs. Goals and to align your actions to your goals."


Savvy Women, Smart Investors - Take Charge of their Financial Future


"Informative and brilliant - will be passing invitations

onto friends."

"Thank You - Great information, head is spinning with so much to think about."

"I need to be more prepared, take more responsibility knowing exactly where everything is.  I need to know what to do if and when I am alone."

"Many points made with each topic addressed within the hour."

"I need to have a better understanding with what is going on with my investments."

"It is so important for me to stay educated and informed and not be afraid to invest."





The Impact of Increasing Health Costs - A Threat to Retirement Security


"Thanks again for a very informative workshop.  You have given me a few good things to follow up for my wife who will be getting Medicare this fall"

"Great presentation and very informative."

"Be aware, and educate yourself on rising Healthcare costs."

An insurance agent said "Oh my God - Just shoot me now!"

A retired Medical Doctor said "I had no idea of 90% of the information in the presentation."




"Information is priceless - Love all Daniels workshops.  Technology and Retirement workshop was wonderful."


"Speaker at Technology and Retirement workshop was very knowledgable."




  I N V E S T O R  U N I V E R S I T Y