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Essentials of Retirement Planning
Savvy Women, Smart Investors - Take Charge of their Financial Future
ABCs of Medicare
Savvy Social Security Strategies for Boomers
Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing
Tax Awareness:  Effective Strategies to Help Build your Wealth
The Impact of Increasing Health Costs - A Threat to Retirement Security
The Psychology of Investing-Why Smart People Do Dumb Things with their Money
Investor University - Commercial Real Estate Market Cycles



For Tax Professionals

  Advanced 1031 Exchange Solutions (1.5 CPE Credits for CPAs)


Investor University



Commercial Real Estate Market Cycles

Will real estate values continue to rise? Learn more about where are we in the current real estate market cycle, and the benefits of including investment real estate into your strategy.


Gaining Power over your Power Bills

Electric bills will be rising next year and that is likely just the beginning.  Come learn how to take control of rising power costs, you do have choices and need to take action.


Technology and Retirement

Explore the ever growing impact of technology on our lives and show how you can use it to help you live life to the fullest all the way into retirement?


Investing in the New Normal - Alternative Thinking

Learn new ways to add income and diversification by incorporating alternative investments commonly used by large institutional investors into your portfolio.


Alternatives for Fixed Income

A discussion on alternative vehicles for fixed income investing.  Investing in Credit of Private U.S.. Companies can potentially provide income and diversification to your portfolio.


Alternatives for Technology & Healthcare

A discussion on an alternative way to invest in the trend towards cloud computing, and the increasing demographic demand for healthcare.Perhaps investing in Real Estate that houses Data centers and Healthcare facilities may prove effective in generating income, growth and diversification.


Alternatives for Commercial Real Estate Debt

Purchasing commercial real estate most often requires mortgage financing, certain real estate companies specialize in providing such loans.  How can you diversify your portfolio to include real estate debt?




Financial wisdoms from Physician to Physician

Doctors and Investments, a good mix?

Dinner and discussions exploring financial strategies from the perspectives and milestones particular to the lives of physicians.  

An informative event from PhysicianLifeStrategies ®