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We serve as a trusted advisor for a select group of women & men who aspire to wealth accumulation, and ultimately to a retirement where they will thrive and not outlive their wealth.

We develop a long term partnership with our clients where the client defines their aspirations and concerns, and we contibute our special insight, clarity, knowledge, and passion to address their concerns and achieve their goals.

We believe in a holistic approach that concentrates on the client rather than on products.  Our independent status enables us to stay away from proprietary products and design the most efficient combinations and strategies to fit your unique circumstance and aspirations.

Some of the tools and services we provide include:

  • Tax efficient investment planning
  • Wealth accumulation and asset allocation services

  • Alternative Investments
    • Private and Public Real Estate and Credit Investment Opportunities
    • Tax Advantaged Private Investment Opportunities
  • Retirement Income Planning
    • including maximizing Social Security benefits
    • including managing tax exposure and RMDs
  • Social Security strategies and Medicare
  • Long term care & healthcare planning